for Ward 6 Councillor

Front-line leadership that gets it.
Why I'm Running

In my job as a CNC Machinist, when management listens to my feedback, I'm able to save MacLean Engineering thousands, producing better parts more efficiently.


Barrie City Hall may not manufacture mining equipment, but the need for decision-makers to listen to the people doing the actual work is no different.


People point to the Morrow Road re-constriction delay & accept it as "typical government", but I don't, and that's why I'm running.


I believe it is time to elect a different kind of Ward 6 City Councillor, one who understands the nuances of corporate & front-line disconnect, and can bring front-line experience to make City Hall efficient and productive.


I will be door-knocking to discuss my plan on how to do this and earn your support!


- Colin Nelthorpe, Ward 6 Councillor Candidate

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